Ensuring that I have no peace at home

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Posted: Friday, June 12, 2020 6:26 am

Allstate, State Farm, Farmers Insurance and Liberty Mutual Insurance have the market on television ads, so much so that they’re driving me crazy.

Tell me I’m not alone in wishing there was something else, anything else that the networks could substitute for the incessant, overbearing and unwatchable insurance TV jingle ads.

Sure, we thought they were cute and original, humorous, even, when they first came on the air. But, enough is enough.

The advertising agencies producing the current run of TV insurance ads should follow me around. I can give them some situational occurrences they might like. Funny, for sure. Imaginative, certainly. Believable? Possibly. Questionable? Most definitely. Truthful? When pigs fly.

Cue the cameras.

Quiet on the set.

Roll ’em ...

The couple pulls in toward a bank’s drive-up window, endorsing checks the closer they get to the window. Not paying attention to where he’s driving, the husband nearly runs up against the side of the bank. He’s so close to the outside teller window, the deposit box comes shooting out, nearly clipping him in the chin.

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