Fairly certain the Grim Reaper’s got my number

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Posted: Friday, February 7, 2020 6:00 am

David Vorland, a newspaper convention acquaintance and former student and employee at the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks before retiring to Bloomington, Minn., recently recalled a brush with death he had years ago off the coast of California.

In a piece on Facebook, David told the story of how he escaped the clutches of the Grim Reaper while swimming near La Jolla, Calif. 

Having learned how to dogpaddle in the Sheyenne River, in addition to taking swimming lessons at UND, where he received a passing C grade in the class, David let the Pacific Ocean surf take him out to sea, one could say.

In his attempt to return to shore, the receding surf from the high waves kept pulling him out farther. David was in deep trouble when a sunbather on shore saw he was struggling.

Long story short, the sunbather ventured into the water and pulled the one-time Sheyenne dogpaddler to shore.

I’ve had a couple of brushes with the Grim Reaper, myself, come to think of it. Distant medical records from one accident show how I suffered a broken neck and jaw, jarred teeth, bruised ribs and an unrecognizable face that recovered marvelously.

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