Trying to find my way in the dark and in a new city

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Posted: Friday, May 17, 2019 7:00 am

There I was trying to tell the Harvey Herald-Press readers what they could expect in my personal columns, while sorting through suitcases and cardboard boxes and managing to avoid bumping into closed doors, walls and furniture in the middle of the night.

No easy task for a guy with impaired vision, an increasing loss of balance and the inability to negotiate stationary traffic in the dark of night.

That said, trying to make sense of sleep-walking in the middle of the night in new surroundings is easier, I’m finding, than telling a new band of readers what they can expect of me in the pages of the Herald-Press.

Having left our comfortable home in Hillsboro, where I knew all the twists and turns in the house on Sixth Avenue Southwest, I find myself literally stumbling around at night now trying to find light switches, doorways and eventually the bathroom.

Envision someone sleepwalking, what I’m trying to say. A confused sleepwalker. A lost sleepwalker. A stumbling, bumbling sleepwalker.

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