Come make Hillsboro a better place Saturday

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Posted: Friday, October 19, 2018 6:00 am

Roll up your sleeves, Hillsboro. There’s work to be done.

Hillsboro’s church congregations are leading a citywide day of service Saturday to tackle a number of outreach projects to help people close to home and across the globe.

Volunteers will be picking up litter, writing letters to U.S. soldiers and packing food for people in Africa, but that doesn’t include all the ways people can help Saturday.

There’s a story on Page 1 reminding people about tomorrow’s event.

If you have a few hours, pop on down to the Hillsboro Events Center at 8:30 a.m. Saturday and find out how you can make Hillsboro and the world a better place.

I’m still deciding if I’d be a better help covering the event for the paper or helping as a normal volunteer – even if I’m not normal.

Just don’t give me a hammer. 

I have no carpentry skills and would probably injure someone – most likely myself.

Honestly, I’ll probably let the coordinators involved in the outreach effort decide how they’d like me to contribute.

Either way, I’ll be there Saturday morning showing my support.


The world lost a gem on Tuesday with the passing of Dianne Hoffman, 75, of Tolna.

Anyone who’s been to a Hillsboro-Central Valley sporting event the past six years has seen Dianne in the stands at some point cheering on her grandkids.

She’s the Nana of Jess, Taylor, Kennedy, Kyle and Carson Henningsgard.

You’ve heard of the Henningsgards?

Every one of the Buxton baller siblings made at least one appearance on an all-state basketball team the past decade. Not bad for one family.

The Henningsgard kids were never too cool to pass up the chance to give their grandma a quick hug after a big game.

Sitting in the stands for the Region 2 boys basketball tourney in Grand Forks in March, I chuckled when I saw Carson, minutes after leading the Burros to a 68-51 win over Park River/Fordville-Lankin, march past his dad in the stands to give Dianne a hug.

Not that Ross Henningsgard isn’t huggable, mind you.

But Dianne was Hug Target No. 1.

Dianne would call us a few times a year and ask for a paper and she’d always thank us for capturing those magical moments her grandkids seemed to find themselves in.

Rest in peace, Dianne. You will be missed.


The Banner’s new photo site has been generating a lot of web traffic for us since making its debut in August.

From Sept. 18 through Oct. 18, the SmugMug site had 548,161 photo views.

That’s right. More than a half-million individual photo views in a month for a midsize weekly newspaper in eastern Traill County.

Not too shabby.

The site had 70,794 photo views on Sunday alone, when we uploaded galleries of playoff football games featuring Hillsboro-Central Valley, MayPort-CG and Larimore.

Now, we’re not getting rich off selling photos. So don’t worry. We don’t plan on selling the paper and buying that island we’ve been coveting off the coast of Guam.

But we’re picking up a few extra bucks and sharing some great images of our local athletes thanks to Banner photographer Cory Erickson.

I help, too, but Cory’s the real deal here.

Don’t get me wrong. The guy can’t make it into work on time to save his life.

If he ever does I’m pretty sure the apocalypse is nigh – either that or he forgot to set his clock back an hour for daylight saving time.

But what he lacks in time management skills he makes up for with his photo skills.

The Banner has one of the best photographers in the state. Make sure to appreciate that.

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