Not turning a blind eye to the world

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Posted: Friday, January 3, 2020 6:00 am

Looking at the kaleidoscope of life today has me questioning if I’m gazing at a prism or looking through the bottom of a Coca-Cola bottle?

After more than 50 years of writing newspapers, I shouldn’t be surprised at what I’m seeing, reading or hearing. I’ve seen it all, right?


What I’m seeing, reading and hearing today goes against everything I’ve learned, accepted and believed to be true over the last five decades. 

Living and working with one eye in the last year and not being able to see jack out of the other eye (at times) simply adds to my consternation.

Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? A prism would bring things into focus, but that would depend on the angle, I suppose, and I seldom have the right angle on anything. I know I can’t see anything through the bottom of a Coca-Cola bottle, so there you are.

Here I am, talking in circles again.

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