LETTER: Taking back control from the coronavirus

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Posted: Friday, October 2, 2020 6:55 am

Dear Editor: 

Covid!  Covid!  Covid!  You have changed our lives forever.  

Taken away our trust, our jobs, our dignity, the lives of many of our loved ones and in some cases, our homes. 

You have caused long, long lines at food banks; landlords to evict those who cannot pay their rent; businesses that had to close because employers were not able to pay their employees; and much debt to those without insurance who contracted Covid and lived to tell about it. 

You have indiscriminately flown through neighborhoods and communities of people of all skin colors, old, young, those with other diseases that could not survive another assault on their health. 

And all the while you were whittling away at our population, our state and federal governments could not make up their collective minds how best to deal with you. 

And while we were all waiting for direction, more than 200,000 citizens have died.

We were told by health officials to wear masks and social distance, then discovered that many of our elected leaders didn’t believe our health officials and did not feel that they, or we, needed to wear masks or social distance.  

Our leaders told us that they believed that you, Covid, would just go away.

Then our leaders started saying things like “We will fine you (or not) if you don’t wear a mask!”  Or “you must quarantine if you come into contact with a Covid-positive patient – or not. And “businesses could only operate at limited capacity – or not.”

Then we noticed that our president did not wear a mask and was having large rallies in which very few people wore masks.

And we heard that many of the folks at those rallies became quite ill and died, including some public figures.

Then we were told by our president that hydroxy-chloroquine could be taken to combat you, Covid.  

Then the Centers for Disease Control says, “Do not take hydroxychloroquine.”

Injecting bleach to get rid of you? Whose bright idea was that! No way! What, and who, are we to believe?  

Now, Covid, we find out that you do not miraculously go away as promised. 

We are told that you could remain in the bodies of those who come into contact with you for a possible lifetime of trouble.

 That would leave us with not only you, Covid, as a pre-existing condition but also any future damage caused as you bounce around in our bodies well after the initial phase of your appearance.  

And to add insult to injury, our president and his cohorts in Congress want to take away our health care and do away with coverage for pre-existing conditions. We can NOT let you do this to our citizens, Covid!

Not only will you have left us with broken bodies, Covid, but with wallets empty, jobs gone, homes in jeopardy and no money for medical care.  

And even worse, Covid, you will have allowed our president and his supporters to try to undermine our faith in the pillars of our democracy: the free press, our judicial system, our belief in science, our postal system, our voting system, our intelligence agencies, our immigration system and the checks and balances provided by our two-party system.

With our trust in our government in chaos, neighbor pitted against neighbor, and not knowing what or who to believe, it would be easy for some person or some entity or country to try to bend our democracy to their will. 

We will fight back, Covid!  

We cannot let you give anyone the opportunity to destroy our country, our government, our way of life and our people!

We must vote for leaders who will protect our people from harm by those outside influences who could destroy us.

That means electing leaders who will not be afraid to stomp you out as quickly as you make an appearance in our society, Covid, and who will not be afraid to uphold our democracy and our Constitution while ensuring equal protection for all our citizens.

To take back control of our lives, we must: wear masks, socially distance and vote.

Save our democracy!

Carol Arvidson


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