Hershey: New ideas needed to move Traill County forward

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Posted: Friday, October 26, 2018 5:32 am

Editor's note: This week’s Banner includes two guest columns from Ken Nesvig and Ben Hershey, candidates running from District 3 for the Traill County Board of Commissioners in November.

The paper published responses from both candidates about a variety of issues, including the shuttered Nielsville (Minn.) bridge, leading up to the primary election back in June.

Rather than pose the same questions to the candidates prior to the Nov. 6 general election,  we asked Nesvig and Hershey if they’d be willing to write an op-ed piece touching on topics they’d want to stress to voters prior to the election.

Nesvig and Hershey quickly agreed.

We applaud both candidates for helping us out – and for their good-natured responses.

In a follow-up email, Nesvig asked that we make sure to remind voters that he likes puppies.

Informed of Nesvig’s stance, Hershey said he, too, loves puppies, and that his kids are hoping to receive a new one next spring.

Voters can’t go wrong on election day picking between two candidates who are both pro-puppy.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love where we live!  

During my professional career I have had the opportunity to visit many places in this country and I’m proud to call Buxton and Traill County home. 

Because of these travels, I want to have an impact in making our county even better.

 I have never been an individual to sit on the sidelines and watch activities go on around me. 

I have always wanted to be involved. Shortly after moving to Buxton in 2007 with my wife, I immediately got involved with the Buxton Rural Fire Department.

Two years later, I took training classes to become a medical first responder. 

I continue to serve as a medical first responder and firefighter today. This is just one example of my dedication to the area.

This drive to be “in the know” grew as I learned more about the goings-on around Traill County as a five-year board member of the Traill County Economic Development Commission board of directors. 

As the board chair I have had the opportunity to learn about one aspect of our county government. 

I was involved with the budget process of the Traill County EDC and this activity has pushed me to understand how the overall county government is established. 

I respect tradition but also recognize times change and looking forward is important for success. 

Traill County has an opportunity of substantial growth economically and population-wise without losing its roots as a great rural community. 

To achieve this growth we need to bring new ideas to the table and challenge our leaders to strive for what is best for the county. 

This starts with the elected officials, including the position I am running for to represent Traill County residences and specifically those in District 3. 

I want to encourage and challenge our government leaders and county contractors to provide the best options to grow and expand their specific disciplines.

These activities can be accomplished without having to “break the bank.”

Taxes are a controversial subject. Our county’s biggest priority needs to be how we can reasonably maintain and repair our aging roads and bridges without hurting our residents.

I am not opposed to raising taxes to help support our aging infrastructure and other activities but we must be fiscally responsible.  

Blaming the federal or state government for the lack of funding does nothing to move our county forward. 

As a county commissioner my goal would be to learn, understand and strive to improve our fiscal responsibility. 

This fiscal responsibility would be to request the establishment and confirm fiscal plans for each agency for the future. 

This would include detailed road/bridge infrastructure plans that meet the needs of our growing communities and rural residences.

I promise to work hard for all of us within Traill County and specifically those within District 3.

 I would greatly appreciate your vote Tuesday, Nov. 6.


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