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Traill-Steele Unified Command group formed

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2020 6:32 am

Officials from Traill and Steele have formed a joint response team to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Traill-Steele Unified Command group includes the sheriffs, emergency managers and auditors for both counties and staffers from the Traill and Steele public health units and Agassiz Valley Social Services.

The unified command group was formed following the health emergency declarations issued by Steele and Traill counties and Mayville and Hatton.

The purpose of the Traill-Steele Unified Command is to share information among departments, identify and develop procedures and protocols to deal with the health emergency and dispense information to the public to help keep them safe.

Ben Gates, Steele County emergency manager and Traill County assistant emergency manager, will head the group as its planning section chief. Jim Murphy, executive director of the Traill County Economic Development Commission and Project Coordinator Alyssa Short have been designated as public information officers for Traill-Steele Unified Command.

Murphy said the group will primarily use Facebook, newspaper and radio to share information with the public. “Facebook is a very efficient way to get information to people.  The challenge with most posts is that the sources are often questionable.” said Murphy. “This information will be directly from the county officials who are closest to the solutions needed.”

Traill and Steele county residents are asked to follow Traill-Steele Joint Information on Facebook to receive updated information with local impacts, such as health recommendations and business resourcesand how to access them.

To allow the county agencies to focus on their increased workload during this pandemic, public inquiries, including those from the media, should be directed to Murphy at 701-636-4746 or