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Chocolate-dipped almond-toffee moons

By ALYSSA SHORT | Posted: Friday, December 14, 2018 6:00 am

When I was a kid, the buildup to Christmas was nearly unbearable – and took forever. The Christmas season (which typically started when the Sears and JCPenney catalogs arrived in the mail) stretched on endlessly before Christmas finally arrived.

And there were some years when I thought I literally wouldn’t survive the wait. My sister and I would dig through the pile of gifts under the tree, checking out each and every package to speculate about what was inside, and I felt like I’d explode with impatience.

My kiddo is currently going through that phase. At least once a day he gets all up in my grill, asking for hints, because he can’t take the suspense.

The other day I overheard my kiddo and the hubby talking about this, when the hubby said, “You’ve got to work on your patience.”

“So does Mom!” yelled my 9-year-old, totally throwing me under the bus.

They might as well have been telling me I need to work on my Mustang convertible or my career as a swimsuit model. I don’t have either of those, either.

“I don’t have any patience to work on,” I muttered.

“That’s the problem,” replied the hubby.

It’s true; patience has never been my strong suit. When I want something done, or I want answers, I don’t like to wait.

And although I love cooking and baking, I don’t suddenly become a patient person in the kitchen; I’m always looking for ways to speed up the process or make it more efficient.

Usually, that means I’m trying to find ways to reduce the number of dishes I’m dirtying, such as mixing a casserole directly in its baking dish rather than in a separate bowl. In this case, I decided to use my food processor to mix my shortbread dough, since I dragged it out to grind my almonds in the first place.

And yes, it also means I didn’t let my chocolate set on my cookies before diving in.

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