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Spicy Korean pork

By Alyssa Short | Posted: Friday, October 5, 2018 6:00 am

I like to think I enjoy spicy foods, but of course, the term is completely relative.

 Spicy to my brother, Cory, might be any of Buffalo Wild Wings’ selection of screamin’ hot sauces, whereas to my dad, spicy might be a fresh canister of McCormick ground black pepper.

On a scale of Dad to Cory, the hubby is a little more daring and I’m somewhere in the middle – but I’m more than willing to up the ante when I’m under the weather.

I can’t abide having a stuffed-up nose – or worse, a stuffy head – and medications don’t seem to help my cause that much. Instead, I rely on a steady diet of cough drops, steamy showers and spicy foods.

I typically don’t go through a boatload of cough drops because my throat is sore, but rather because I like that invigorating, mentholy freshness in my nose. In fact, when I’m sick, I actually sleep with cough drops tucked up inside my cheeks – like a squirrel storing nuts – because the cough drops help me breathe better while I’m asleep.

And the showers – we’re talking use-the-entire-tank-of-hot-water showers – also help clear the stuffiness from my head.

And I love to dig in to some spicy stir-fries. My preferred heat level for stir-fries is not spicy enough to be overtly noticeable, but enough to get my nose running after a few bites.

When I’m under the weather – like I have been lately – this stir-fry comes in handy because you can spice it up or tame it down as needed. Either way, the flavor is phenomenal; I can taste it even when my nose is plugged.

The sauce recipe includes a variable amount of sriracha. Three tablespoons definitely pushes the limits of my tastebuds’ comfort zone, and that’s the amount I use when I’m sick. On a clear-headed day, I tend to cut back to about 1 1/2 tablespoons.

Keep your Kleenex handy, just in case.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.