Green chili pork tacos

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Posted: Friday, October 4, 2019 6:00 am

A few months ago I received a credit card alert notification for an online purchase that was made with my card. (Yes, I’m a little paranoid. But when you’ve had your credit card number “borrowed” by someone buying first-class plane tickets from Nigeria to Newfoundland, it’s warranted.)

“Hey, did you buy something online?” I hollered to the hubby.

“Yeah,” he said. “It’s my Yellowbird sauce.”

I found this a tad bizarre but was curious to try whatever this Yellowbird sauce might turn out to be. I like sauces. Sauces are fun.

A few days later we received a squeeze bottle of a surprisingly green sauce (I guess I expected yellow?) made from serrano peppers.

Serranos are hotter than jalapenos, but not hugely so, so I was surprised by how spicy the sauce actually was.

“I’ve got a buddy online who recommends it,” the hubby said. “He eats it with everything.”

The sauce is tasty, but I don’t have an ironclad stomach, so I don’t eat it with everything. I eat Tums with everything.

But the sauce was a terrific accompaniment to these green chili pork tacos, which the kiddo and I made for his recent birthday party.

We were setting up a taco bar, but not everyone in our family likes traditional taco meat, so the kiddo and I made this dump-and-go slow cooker recipe the night before the party. I love pork loin, especially this time of year, and we thought the apple juice would be a nice nod to fall – and add some sweetness to balance the spice.

The dish was juicy and flavorful, and the most well received. My sister-in-law said it was one of the best things she’d ever eaten, and my dad – not exactly a taco’s biggest fan – even enjoyed it. (I waited until he said that to inform him he was eating green chilies.)

The pork was definitely mild enough to be a crowd favorite, but also can be jazzed up with your favorite sauces (or salsas).

I tried a few with the leftover pork; my favorites were a traditional pico de gallo, Tabasco Chipotle sauce and, of course, a few dollops of the hubby’s Yellowbird Serrano sauce – with a side of Tums. 

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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