Baked cheesy hasnbrones*

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Posted: Friday, July 5, 2019 6:00 am

I love to give my little brother, Cory, grief, although he dishes it out just as frequently as I do. We’re quite good at pushing each other’s buttons; we’ve had nearly 34 years of practice. (I should say that while it’s perfectly OK for me to pick on my little brother from time to time, I’ll be the first to defend him against anyone else.)

But today I’m going to pick on my brother because a.) he knows I adore him and b.) it’s my birthday and I think it’s illegal to get mad at someone on their birthday.

So we’re going to address the hasnbrone issue.

I have a full-time day job, but I help out at the Banner as much as I can. Most of it is bookkeeping and other miscellaneous paperwork, but I also put in time on production nights helping with some of the more clerical duties – updating church service information, lunch menus, etc.

And I’m a stickler for spell-check. No, it’s not 100 percent reliable – it won’t catch when you inadvertently forget the L in “public” – but it helps.

A month or so ago, we had an early deadline, so Cory – the Banner’s ad manager – took care of some of my usual tasks. It wasn’t until I was reading the finished product that I noticed he had typed “corn bread buffins” in the senior citizens menu offerings, followed shortly thereafter by the word “hasnbrones.”

That’s probably one of the most egregious misspellings of “hashbrowns” to ever appear in print, but the hubby and I embraced it. Since that day in May, the word “hashbrowns” ceased to exist in our lexicon; we know only hasnbrones.

My favorite hasnbrone dish is based on a recipe I received years ago from my friend Jo Ann, who brought this dish to a work potluck. They’re a perfect side for ham, any kind of sandwiches or at a cookout. Basically, you take frozen potatoes, add some condensed soup, sour cream and cheese and bake it into a yummy, cheesy pile. And really, who doesn’t love a yummy, cheesy pile?

This version incorporates the hubby’s preference of pepperjack cheese for some extra kick; but you can use whatever cheeses and seasonings suit your own hasnbrone tastes.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

*Not a typo


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