Kickin' chicken

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Posted: Friday, August 10, 2018 6:00 am

For the first time in approximately 6.5 years, I’m writing about a recipe that I haven’t yet attempted.

But I’ve tasted it, and it’s yummy. And I’ve got a pretty good in with the person who did try the recipe.

I was really busy the other week and as the workday drew to a close, I grudgingly started mulling over our supper options. I usually plan ahead, but it had been one of those weeks and I’m not great at last-minute decisions.

“Help,” I texted the hubby. “I have no culinary inspiration tonight.”

Instead of empathy or some helpful suggestions, the hubby eventually replied with a question: “What’s granulated garlic and granulated onion?”

I told him it was basically garlic powder and onion powder, but didn’t think much of the question.

To be honest, the hubby has asked me far stranger, more random questions. That day, even.

A little later, he called to ask, “Do we have smoked paprika?” I said yes. You’d be hard-pressed to find a spice that isn’t lurking in my cabinets.

Except crushed rosemary, which was the topic of his next question. (“Just crush the regular stuff,” I told him.)

And yes, by then I figured out he’d decided on his own supper plan.

It was pretty elaborate for a weeknight meal. When I arrived home there were two grills smoking away on our driveway in the heat of the 86-degree afternoon sun. The hubby wouldn’t let me peek at the grills’ contents, so I was left to investigate the gigantic mess littering every available surface of the kitchen counter.

The kitchen looked terrible, but it certainly smelled good. And spicy.

The hubby eventually served us a feast of kickin’ grilled chicken and grilled potatoes with rosemary and smoked paprika.

The food certainly tasted good. And spicy – especially the chicken with its cayenne pepper-based rub. The hubby made boneless, skinless chicken breasts for me and chicken legs for our kiddo, who bravely dove into his food although he eventually needed some chocolate to cool his burning tongue.

“Supper shouldn’t always be your responsibility,” my sweet hubby said when I asked why he’d gone to so much trouble for us. “I thought you deserved a break.”

And then I went to tackle the mess in the kitchen. Because dishes shouldn’t always be the hubby’s responsibility and he deserves a break, too.

Notes: Use half the amount of cayenne if you don’t like spicier foods – especially if you’re using skinless chicken, because the rub soaks into the meat more than with skin-on chicken. Any leftovers are fantastic on a cool, crisp salad. See the recipe for the grilled potatoes with rosemary and smoked paprika on the Banner's website.

For the recipe for Kickin' chicken, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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