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Posted: Friday, October 18, 2019 6:38 am

My boss recently made an interesting observation at work when I was telling him about one of my son’s latest escapades.

“He has an ulterior motive,” I was saying to my boss. “He’s just doing this so he can say ‘I told you so.’”

“That does seem to be the Short family motto,” my boss said, not unkindly.

I burst out laughing because that’s 100 percent accurate. While we don’t revel in each other’s misfortune, we do so enjoy being right.

And we definitely lord it over each other, although we try to keep it casual.

“Well, I keep saying you should put your keys in the same spot every night, so it’s no surprise you can’t find them.”

“I’m sorry I sat on your glasses. But I’ve been telling you that if you leave them on the couch, this is what will happen.”

“I feel bad for you. But I did say just five minutes ago that if you didn’t stop wrestling with the dog, one of you would end up in tears.”

Express emotion, then say “I told you so.” That’s how we roll.

It even comes into play with food. The idea for this recipe has been in my head – and on my menu plan – for over a month but was constantly nixed by the hubby.

“That sounds weird,” he’d say. “Let’s use the hamburger for something else.”

“But it’s not like Cincinnati chili,” I explained, which is served over pasta but typically includes cinnamon and allspice. “What I’m envisioning is like your mom’s chili, with a little extra spice and tossed with spaghetti.”

The hubby demurred, stalling my plans for weeks, but I finally made this dish during last week’s blizzard when I had a captive audience that couldn’t run to the store for something else.

To be fair, the hubby never actually said he enjoyed his meal. In fact, he remained oddly silent when I asked if the food was good.

But he did eat two helpings and box up the leftovers for later, which spoke volumes.

“Thank you for trying my weird food experiment,” I said, breaking the silence. (Express emotion).

“I knew you’d like it.” (Then say “I told you so.”)

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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