Oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies

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Posted: Friday, August 17, 2018 6:00 am

And just like that, summer is over. It feels as though the school year just ended a few weeks ago, because these last three months have flown by for my kiddo, Jack, who’s about to embark on his first day of third grade.

Although he’s greatly looking forward to what the new school year holds – and is very excited for his new teacher – Jack has spent the past three months doing a little of nothing and a lot of everything.

We didn’t have any major plans this summer; we didn’t plan any big summer vacations, for example, and we’re not lake people, so we stuck close to home most weekends.

In fact, if asked to complete a “How I spent my summer vacation” essay, Jack would probably write nothing more than, “I played video games.”

And that’s true. He did play video games, and a lot of them. But he also played baseball, went to Roblox camp and made good use of his summer pass to the Woodland Park pool.

Although he got dressed only when necessary (saving us a lot of time on laundry), he learned to cook some new dishes, blew up several hundreds of dollars’ worth of fireworks and caught up on reruns of “Friends” and “The Office.”

He saw every major blockbuster movie that was released this summer, worked concessions with his grandpa at softball and baseball games and celebrated six birthdays (other people’s, not his own).

He helped set up and run errands during Hillsboro Days and photograph Traill County 4-H Achievement Days. He even did a ride-along through the county with me and took several photos for the website I was updating.

And I’m pretty sure Jack messed up his sleeping and eating schedules for a good long while, adopting a more teenager-like schedule of sleeping until 11 a.m. and making (first) lunch the first meal of the day, followed by second lunch mid-afternoon.

We’re slowly working on resetting his body’s clock to a school schedule, but it’s slow going and Jack isn’t thrilled with the change. He’s likely to be a bit bleary-eyed for the first week or two of school. (Not to mention hangry. He’s already starving at 3:30 p.m. each day and that’s when he’s gotten out of bed at 11 a.m., not 7 a.m.)

But here’s to a good 2018-19 school year. I’m excited to see what third grade holds for Jack, and I’ll have a plate of cookies waiting for him that first day so he can tell me all about it.

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