Cole’s favorite chicken kabobs

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Posted: Friday, May 22, 2020 6:32 am

I recently saw a meme on Facebook with which I completely identified.

“Home isolation has its ups and downs,” read the meme. “One day you’re flying high and cleaning the baseboards with a Q-Tip, and the next day you’re drinking tequila and watching squirrels out the window. There’s no in-between.”

That’s our household.

I wouldn’t say I’m bored. I’m never bored. In fact, if I have books, a well-stocked pantry and Netflix, it could be years before you see me.

But our motivation levels vary widely from day to day.

Some days my 10-year-old kiddo is playing basketball, riding bike and using the treadmill. Other days he’s binge-watching “Steven Universe” on Hulu and literally watching mold grow on his science fair project.

The hubby sometimes tills the garden, cleans out closets or lays new flooring. Other days he goes to bed at 7:45 p.m. just to make the time pass more quickly.

Me? I bounce back and forth between “I’m going to spend two hours making make my own hand-rolled wonton skins, filling and dipping sauce for homemade potstickers” and “Wait. I have to take the frozen pizza out of the box before I bake it? That’s so much work. Let’s have cereal.”

I won’t say it’s feast or famine at our house – we obviously are eating well – but my level of effort definitely is.

The hubby keeps the ingredients for these chicken kabobs on hand at all times, which is especially convenient when reaching for the Reese’s Puffs would take all the energy I can muster. He preps the chicken and veggies and mans the grill, asking only that I make the basting sauce.

We created this recipe several months ago, tasting the basting sauce as we went along until we found the right combination of ingredients. It’s always my job to make the sauce because I have a photo of our recipe notes on my phone (the only written record of our secret formula).

But now that this is in print, maybe my work here is done.

If you need me, I’ll either be cleaning the baseboards with a Q-Tip, or drinking tequila and watching squirrels out the window. 

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