Ultimate meat & potato burritos

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Posted: Friday, May 3, 2019 6:16 am

We love Tex-Mex food in our house and make it a point to have some type of tacos or fajitas (or both!) at least once a week. They’re easy to make, the leftovers are handy and it’s one of the few foods we can all – even my 9-year-old – agree on.

So I wasn’t at all surprised a few months ago when the hubby dropped by my office on a rare Friday when he had nothing to cover and said, “We need to make the burrito I have in my mind, and I need you to tell me what we’ll need and how to make it.”

It sounded simple enough: he was craving some sort of carne asada burrito with crispy hash browns and a spicy cheese sauce.

We marinated the meat that night, and the next day for lunch, the hubby manned the grill while I started on the hash browns and cheese sauce, adding pico de gallo for fun. (Because I hate salsa but love pico de gallo.)

I’m not going to lie; we made a mess. It took a lot of ingredients and experimentation, with the dirty dishes to show for it. But we also had a lot of fun, and made one of the best meals we’ve ever created in our little kitchen.

The memories – and that recipe – will long outlast the mess.   

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