Apple-cinnamon bread

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Posted: Friday, September 27, 2019 6:00 am

We had my son Jack’s 10th birthday party with family last weekend, and as my Jack went to hug his (not-so-short) Grandma Short before she left, we realized that he’s quickly gaining on her in height.

“Jack says it’s one more year before he passes me,” my mother-in-law joked.

But he could be right. I remember coming home from work and crouching down on the ground to give Jack his hugs. Now I barely even have to bend – assuming I can get him to stop playing video games so I can hug him in the first place.

In fact, the only thing growing at a comparable rate around our house is our apple tree.

Our previous tree was destroyed in a summer storm a few years back but a new one began growing in its place, likely from an apple left behind on the ground.

At least, I assume it’s an apple tree. I’m no expert, so it could just as easily be an oak or Dutch Elm tree. (But after watching this thing grow four a couple years, I’m reasonably sure it isn’t an evergreen, so I’ve got that going for me.)

My mother-in-law knows I love to bake with homegrown apples, so when she arrived at the birthday party, she came bearing gifts – and a bag of apples from her own mini-orchard.

I whipped up a batch of apple-cinnamon bread – which actually tastes more like apple-cinnamon cake in the shape of a loaf of bread – to take advantage of some of those crisp, sweet-tart apples. This bread works well in its basic form, but you can also add the walnuts for crunch and the toffee for extra flavor and texture, if you desire. (And I usually do.)

It’ll still be several years before our tree is able to produce apples – or acorns – but like my kiddo, it’ll keep on growing in the meantime. It’s just tough to guess which one will be taller by then.   

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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