Chicken & mandarin orange salad

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Posted: Friday, March 6, 2020 6:00 am

Last week after the Banner’s Feb. 28 issue was printed, my brother, Cory, stopped by my house on his way back from picking up the papers at our printer in Grafton.

Cory slumped on the couch and tossed a paper my way, pointing to the little graphic and text in the upper-left corner reminding people to spring forward with their clocks Sunday for Daylight Saving Time.

“I feel sick,” he said. “Daylight Saving Time is NEXT weekend.”

“People will figure it out,” I assured him.

“But it’s inaccurate information. We’re a newspaper and we gave people inaccurate information.”

“It says ‘Sunday,’” I replied. “It doesn’t say WHICH Sunday.” Cory rolled his eyes at me.

Eventually my 10-year-old bounced into the room to greet his Uncle Cory.

“Ask Jack what he thinks,” I instructed Cory. “He’s a smart kid.”

Cory explained the situation to Jack.

“It’s fine,” Jack shrugged. “It doesn’t say WHICH Sunday. Technically you’re still right.”

(Sometimes the “mini me” is the best joy of parenthood, right?)

“I’m just so ready for spring,” Cory grumbled.

“So turn your clocks ahead this weekend. Maybe you’ll be on time for work for once,” I teased.

My brother, like most everyone I know, is incredibly anxious for spring. When it comes to the seasons – and weather in general – Cory and I are polar opposites. I like cold, dark and gloomy and he likes bright, sunny and hot.

It’s no wonder he has ants in his pants about Daylight Saving Time.

But while the clocks are springing forward this weekend and it’s been decidedly warmer this past week, we live in North Dakota, so it generally isn’t safe to assume spring is here until at least July. We’ve been burned before.

In anticipation of longer, warmer, brighter spring days, I love to eat salads this time of year – especially ones with a pop of fruit that grudgingly remind me of the good things about summer.

(In this particular case it’s oranges, although I know it’s a winter fruit. I still associate anything citrus with warmth, and oranges are my absolute favorite.)

This bright salad is quick, easy, satisfying and packed with flavor. And you can use any kind of leftover cooked chicken, meaning it’s a great option to keep on hand when you don’t want to heat up your kitchen any more than necessary.

For winter lovers like me, that means any sunny day above 25 degrees.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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