Chocolate-toffee-hazelnut cookies

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Posted: Friday, August 23, 2019 6:00 am

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I were both working at the Banner on Wednesday night, otherwise known as production night, when the hubby sent me a link to a Groupon deal for Valleyfair tickets.

 I’ve lived in or near Traill County most of my life, and somehow I had never visited Valleyfair. (Neither had the hubby, for that matter.) I snagged a few tickets, which had to be used yet this year, thinking Valleyfair would make a great surprise getaway for my rollercoaster-crazy kiddo before he starts fourth grade.

 And then I looked at the calendar and realized we had less than two weeks before the rollercoaster-crazy kiddo would start fourth grade. (How did that happen?)

 So last week we made a quick two-day trip to the Twin Cities. I’m not big on spontaneity, so this was an anomaly for me. It was a drive-until-we’re-tired, eat-when-we’re-hungry type of trip.

 I thought it would stress me out. But we had a fantastic weekend, lack of planning and all. It was a short enough trip that we needed backpacks or duffels instead of suitcases, so packing was a breeze. And for once, I didn’t bring work with me.

 We had a great time. The kiddo was delighted with his surprise trip, and he made the most of it, riding every death-defying attraction he could find at least once. He ate cheese curds and bacon on a stick, hibachi steak and several bowls of steaming miso soup. (Yes, world’s pickiest eater loves miso soup.)

 The point of the trip was both to have fun and to spend some quality family time together before the busy school year begins.

 Mission accomplished; and we still returned home with enough time left in our weekend to stock the cookie jar with fresh cookies for after-school snacks.

This is an old recipe I found in a cookbook once upon a time, and I’ve been making for years. The cookies take a little extra work, but they’re worth it; the first time I made these and brought them to work several years ago, a coworker wordlessly handed me a $5 bill and tucked a dozen in her purse.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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