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Apple tacos

By Alyssa Short | Posted: Friday, October 12, 2018 6:00 am

When I was 4 years old, my grandma gave me a cassette tape of a children’s chorus singing such favorites as “On Top of Spaghetti,” “Puff the Magic Dragon” and “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.”

(Incidentally, the hubby sang “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” in elementary school, and recalls how he and some classmates used the alternate lyrics of “John Jacob has to take a …” Well, you see where that’s going. For some reason this story absolutely slays me every time. Also, they were terrible children and deserved to be punished.)

Much to my parents’ chagrin, I hauled around a portable tape player and played those songs over and over, until the tape player eventually ate the cassette – or so I was told.

“On Top of Spaghetti” was by far my favorite song. I was a hungry tyke, always looking forward to my next meal. The thought of a mushy meatball eventually sprouting into a tree that grew lovely meatballs and tomato sauce was kind of a dream come true.

I’m old enough now to know the premise of the song is – unfortunately – lacking any basis is science, but that doesn’t mean the concept can’t work with other foods.

We lost our apple tree in the Great Wind Storm of July 2017. We loved our tree, but after the storm cleanup, all that remained was a tiny tree stump and one lone apple sitting next to it.

I was going to pick up the apple during our fall cleanup, but it was mushy, so … no. Gross. I left it, and lo and behold, a new apple tree has sprouted in its place.

We’ll have to buy our apples until our little tree matures, but I look forward to eventually having our tree back so we’re fully stocked to make treats such as these tacos.

And I might give that whole meatball tree thing a try, just in case.

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