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Spinach salad with honey-mustard vinaigrette

By Alyssa Short | Posted: Friday, January 25, 2019 6:00 am

The hubby likes to tease me that I subconsciously sabotage my own health.

I can see where he gets this idea, because it seems that every time he and I make concrete plans to get more active and aim for a healthier overall lifestyle, I get sick or injured. For example, I might suddenly come down with a month-long case of bronchitis or sprain an ankle, and by the time I’m back up to speed we’ve lost our momentum.

Recently, the hubby and I decided to join the fitness center together. We set aside money in our budget for an annual membership, and although we’re both really busy, we decided we could still carve out at least three times a week when we could work out together.

I know it’s important that we’re in this as a team; I read the Banner’s Jan. 4 article in which personal trainer Kim Salander said having a workout buddy is key for motivation and accountability. The odds of us sticking with a healthier routine are much greater if we’re working toward a common goal. Plus, I love the feeling of solidarity, and knowing we’re in this together.

But somewhere, deep (but probably not too deep) in the recesses of my brain, I really hate exercise. I feel great afterward, but I’d much rather snuggle on the couch with a book or some Netflix. And the hubby thinks the part of me that hates exercise is responsible for my injuries.

Last Wednesday evening, I asked the hubby when we were going to get our fitness center membership set up. Newspaper contest entries and year-end paperwork have been occupying our weekends this month, but since those are out of the way, I thought we could get started on our plans. He said, “Sounds great! Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

The next morning I ran into my bathroom door and dislocated and broke a toe.

I’m going to give my subconscious the benefit of the doubt; I feel like if we were going to work together to sabotage the exercise thing, we would have chosen a less painful route – and also one that didn’t require a doctor’s visit and that would allow me to wear shoes when it’s 20 degrees below zero.

In any case, although the exercise plan is temporarily on hold, I can still make a conscious decision to eat healthier, especially while I’m more sedentary than usual for a couple weeks. I love this refreshing and fruity salad, which also makes a great main dish salad with the addition of grilled chicken.

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