Churro cake

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Posted: Friday, May 29, 2020 6:21 am

I work here at the Banner with my little brother, Cory, and we love to give each other grief. It’s good-natured most of the time. (When I’m legitimately angry I throw his pizza in the mud. But that only happened once.)

And when the occasional mistake pops up in my column – like the column about beef kabobs that ran with the ingredients for blueberry cake – I call him out on it. In print. Just so our readers know he knows I know.

Last Friday morning I opened my crisp, fresh copy of the Banner, banged my head on the table and texted my brother (before the crack of dawn, because he loves when I do that). “We ran the wrong photo with my recipe,” I informed him.

He responded with something I won’t repeat here because I’m a lady.

I explained that the online gallery I use to share column photos – aptly named “Cory” so my brother knows exactly where to look – always has the current week’s photos at the top. Every week. So there’s no question which photos go with that week’s recipe.

“Sorry,” Cory said. “All food looked like chicken to me yesterday.”

I stayed calm; being upset wouldn’t change anything, and last week was especially rough on the Banner’s staffers. The perfect storm of a 30-page paper, and a lot of meetings and special projects, meant both my brother and the hubby were running on fumes by Thursday morning.

And to be fair, Cory did run a photo of chicken kabobs – just not the right ones – so it could have been worse.

I decided to go a completely different direction this week, with a churro cake. This cinnamon and sugar-sweetened Bundt cake gets brushed with butter and coated in even more cinnamon and sugar to create a crunchy, churro-like exterior. (And the hubby loves anything churro-like.)

But just in case we have any confusion: Cory, if you’re reading this, this recipe is for cake. LOOK FOR THE CAKE, CORY.

That ought to fix things. Piece of cake.

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