Nancy hot dish

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Posted: Friday, September 6, 2019 6:14 am

This dish is a classic in my family.

We got this from my day care teacher, Nancy Olson. Therefore we call it “Nancy hot dish.”

This food when we make it, is amazing to me. I don’t even know why but it looks so appealing, even with two cans of tomato soup.

I’ve made Nancy hot dish all by myself, but with instructions. I’d always ask and say “Now do I put the salt in?” and my mom and dad would ALWAYS respond with “Well, read the instructions.”

I was just like, “Just tell me and I can get done with this so we can all have a nice family dinner, mmmkay?”

We  started making this recipe when I was 3 years old. This is about the time I started talking a lot.

My parents would always make me food and I would say, “I don’t want this, I want Nancy hot dish!”

They asked me what was in Nancy hot dish. I said hamburger and noodles.

So they asked Nancy, “What is Nancy hot dish?”

She said, “Oh, Jack loves it, he asks for it all the time. Everyone loves it!”

My mom says the way that I described it was like chili mac. She tried about 10 recipes and every time she would make me chili mac, I would not be happy and whine, “This isn’t Nancy hot dish!”

When my mom dropped me off at Nancy’s one morning, she ran up to Nancy and she asked exactly how to make it. My mom said “I used the noodles, hamburger and tomato sauce.” Nancy said “Oh! I don’t use tomato sauce, I use tomato soup.”

My mom asked, “How much water do you put in it?”

Nancy said, “None.”

That night, my mom tried making Nancy hot dish and she called me in and wanted me to taste it. She brought it to me and I tried it.

“Oh my gosh! This tastes exactly like Nancy hot dish! It even has the same orange color! You guys did it!” I cheered. And we’ve been making it like that ever since.

This recipe is also good for kids, because you pour the noodles in instead of draining them, so the recipe probably won’t burn you.

One last thing: it’s a tradition that whenever we make Nancy hot dish, my dad has to say, “Made with real Nancy!” (It’s not. We honestly use hamburger.)

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