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Posted: Friday, October 19, 2018 6:00 am

My family, the Erickson clan, doesn’t have a whole lot of hobbies we collectively enjoy, but space is something we’ve always been interested in. My parents grew up during the heyday of the space race, and my dad, especially, enjoyed passing that on to his kids.

So yeah, we grew up hearing stories about the moon landing and watching shuttle launches on TV.

My childhood photo albums include pictures of us assembling models of space shuttles and lunar modules, with Dad surrounded by his kids, hundreds of plastic parts and dozens of tiny tubs of Revell paint. (Actually, in most of those photos, everyone else is gluing and painting, and I’m eating. But I still managed to assemble a pretty awesome model lunar module.)

And among my favorite childhood memories were those clear evenings during the year’s best meteor showers, when Dad would wake us up in the middle of the night, get us tucked into our lawn chairs and blankets in the back yard and sit with us while we watched the shooting stars light up the darkness.

So it was no-brainer that we’d pile in together to see a recent showing of “First Man,” a movie about Neil Armstrong and his mission to become the first man on the moon.

It’s kind of a rarity for the four of us to see a movie together; my parents and brother like more scientific and serious movies, whereas I usually accompany the hubby and kiddo, who prefer their space movies to include either Jedi Knights or Klingons.

We had a great afternoon at the movie, although I’m still baffled by the fact that my 33-year-old brother refused to sit next to me. “I’m not sitting next to my sister at a movie,” was all he’d say. (I was wearing deodorant, I swear.) 

Like hobbies and movies, when it comes to food, my family agrees on very little; Dad likes meat and potatoes, while Mom prefers chicken and salad. I’d be hard-pressed to get them to join me for this garlicky pepper-steak stir-fry.

My brother? He loves stir-fry, so he’ll definitely be game to try it. He might even sit next to me.

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