Creole shrimp penne

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Posted: Friday, March 8, 2019 7:02 am

I have a pretty good-sized cookbook and recipe collection – some would say oversized (and they’d probably be right) – dating back to shortly before the hubby and I were married.

Some of my cookbooks and magazines are a few decades old now, and they’re a little worse for the wear; they’re dog-eared and filled with notes and food spills. I keep thinking I’ll get to the point where they’ve served their purpose and have no more recipes I want to try, but then I’ll inevitably stumble across a dish I didn’t notice before.

Obviously, a person’s tastes can change in 20 years.

When the hubby and I first were married, I hated tomatoes and wouldn’t let an onion or mushroom touch my plate. Peppers terrified me, and I would never have considered eating a salad as an entrée. (Oh, to be 20 and thinner again.) And now I love all those things.

The hubby and I have gone through enough changes in our food preferences over the years that I end up rereading my cookbooks every few years just to see which recipes appeal to me now that I didn’t give a second glance to before.

Take fish and seafood, for example. I spent several years completely disregarding those entire sections of my cookbooks because I had no interest in preparing those dishes.

I still have zero interest in eating them. That’s one preference of mine that I don’t see changing; I’m probably more likely to become a vegetarian than someone who enjoys fish and seafood.

But the hubby loves seafood – especially shrimp – and while I don’t eat the stuff, I’ve gotten pretty good at cooking it as long as I have my handy taste-tester by my side.

I was flipping through some old cooking magazines a few weeks ago and noticed that while I’d bookmarked several recipes around it, I never gave more than a passing glance to a Creole shrimp penne dish that’s obviously right up the hubby’s alley.

With a few changes to suit the hubby’s tastes, we had ourselves a winning dish. Or so I’m told.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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