Grasshopper truffles

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Posted: Friday, December 7, 2018 5:00 am

My mom and I are a lot alike; we’re both very organized and more than a little Type A. And those qualities of my mom’s tend to shine most brightly during the holiday season, whereas mine sort of slink into hibernation.

First off, my mom typically is finished with her Christmas shopping before October. She’s already hounded us for a few months about what we’d like for Christmas, determined whether we’ve been naughty or nice and stashed our swag in her dining room closet. (Because what else does one do with a dining room closet?)

Long before November rolls around, Mom’s gifts are thoughtfully – and expertly – wrapped in colorful paper and topped with unique touches like homemade gift tags and glittery bows.

On Thanksgiving, along with bringing buns and pickles to contribute to the feast, Mom also starts hauling in Christmas presents, just in case she doesn’t see me again between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (It can be a long trek from southeast Hillsboro to the northeast quadrant of town.)

Of course, I’ve barely started my shopping by the time Mom’s gifts are piling up under my tree. We’re well along in the shopping season and I’d say I’ve maybe done a third of my shopping. And, of course, nothing is wrapped.

But I actually enjoy shopping during the holiday season, crazy as it can be. I love walking into stores and seeing the decorations and listening to holiday tunes while I shop. I like browsing through the gift options that are released just before the holidays. And I’m slowly becoming used to the inevitable gift-wrapping cram session that ensues somewhere around Dec. 23.

But I need some sustenance to help me power through all of those activities.

I’m not usually a mint person – even when combined with chocolate – but the craving hits me this time of year. I typically grab a peppermint mocha when I’m doing some Christmas power shopping, and now I almost have a Pavlovian response so that I crave minty chocolate whenever I think of Christmas.

In fact, the hubby found some Starbucks peppermint mocha coffee K-cups at Miller’s Fresh Foods the other day. They’re very good, so now I can feed my addiction at home while I’m doing my baking and wrapping my gifts.

But a little snack doesn’t hurt, and these truffles are a rich treat with the perfect mixture of mint and chocolate from both the Grasshopper cookies and the chocolate coating.

Notes: Grasshopper cookies contain no actual grasshopper. And yes, this is response to an actual question. Season’s eatings!

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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