Cold chocolate snacking cake

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Posted: Friday, June 12, 2020 6:39 am

One habit the hubby and I got into earlier this spring was taking a daily walk. There were few upsides to social distancing, but having the hubby around more in the evenings and wanting to get some fresh air together were two of them.

We’ve tried to continue that routine almost every day, even as our schedules are starting to get busier and the fitness center has reopened, meaning we have other means of exercise at our disposal. I’m not exactly what you’d call outdoorsy, but spending time together outside each day has been good for us, both mentally and physically.

Sometimes the kiddo comes along, and occasionally we’ll take a detour to stop and visit my parents on our way back. Sometimes we spend the whole walk chatting; other times we may plug in our headphones and listen to music, or just listen to the crickets chirp and the frogs croak.

I’ve probably gotten more fresh air and sunlight in the past few months than I have the past 10 years combined, because being outside in the warm weather is decidedly more enjoyable when there’s a nice breeze and good company – although my body is probably overwhelmed and confused by all the exercise and vitamin D it’s been deprived of until now.

The hubby and I have also been eating a lot healthier than we probably ever have, and although I’ve been cutting back on some of my favorite unhealthy foods (Hi, chips! Miss you!), chocolate is still a daily guilty pleasure.

Life without a little chocolate isn’t worth living – and after a long, sweaty walk outside in the sun, a small piece of this cold chocolate cake with its amazing fudgy frosting tastes heavenly.

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