Garden veggie spaghetti

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Posted: Friday, September 13, 2019 6:00 am

A few weeks ago, my home laptop died on me. It came as a surprise, considering I’d never had a single problem with the machine and it had been out of its box for approximately 5.5 months.

The hubby and I were leaving town for a few days, so my mother graciously offered to haul the laptop in to Best Buy to see if they could fix it.

I was extremely grateful – not only for the convenience of having my computer looked at ASAP, but also because when my mom is returning an item that she feels has failed a person unjustly, that woman is a beast. You do NOT want to be on the opposite side of that Geek Squad service counter when Mom walks in (especially if your first words are, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you don’t have an appointment.”)

“Have to send to manufacturer,” Mom texted me a few minutes later. “Won’t be back for several weeks. May lose your data. But WILL be paid for.”

“Several weeks,” I whined to the hubby. “Lose my data!”

“But paid for,” the hubby chimed in helpfully.

To be honest, I felt incomplete without my laptop – even though we have other computers in the house. I’m great at backing up my data online, but cloud storage is kind of a hot mess compared to the organizational methods I use on my computer to keep track of which recipes I’ve included in my columns, which are upcoming, etc.

On my machine, each recipe has its own folder of photos; in my cloud backups, I discovered that I have approximately 287,000 food photos stored online in five albums. And all the photos have randomly assigned names, like MK5ds482, making it tough to find the pics for a specific recipe.

I’d planned on running this recipe for hearty garden veggie spaghetti this week, because it makes good use of some of that late-summer zucchini in everyone’s gardens. But mostly because it was one of the last recipes I’d photographed and backed up, so the photos were relatively easy to find.

And then I got my laptop back. Turns out it was a circuit issue instead of a the hard drive, so all of my data thankfully was intact.

First item on the agenda? Start renaming my photo files to something more informative than MK6xk79l. Second order of business? Eat more spaghetti.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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