Beef & veggie stir-fry

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Posted: Friday, January 10, 2020 6:00 am

The hubby’s recent healthier habits have started to rub off on the rest of the family, even our 10-year-old kiddo.

“You know how sometimes you see a family and the dad is like super fit and good-looking and the rest of the family is all blah and people wonder, ‘Why is he with them?’” my kiddo asked. “We don’t want to be that family.”

“We’re not blah, we’re fantastic,” I replied. “But whatever gets you to eat a few more vegetables.”

I struggle with the balance of reinforcing a healthy self-image for my kiddo while also acknowledging that yes, there are things we can all be doing better.

We’ve all been trying to eat better and I recently dusted off the ol’ treadmill at home. That means the kiddo is using the treadmill more, as well, although he views the equipment more as more entertainment than exercise.

Granted, he says all the right things, like “I just want to learn better habits now so it’s easier to be healthy in the future.” But he’s mostly looking for an excuse to use the AirPods his grandparents got him for Christmas.

The kid is all in. The treadmill is up, down, fast, slow (he says he’s interval training) and he’s a stomper when he runs. He also sings along to his tunes at the top of his lungs. (And occasionally yells at the commercials that interrupt him, like, “Get out of my AirPods, Bernie Sanders!”)

But any wellness regimen has a better chance of success if you’re enjoying it, which he clearly is. And he is eating better, even though he still just eats the beef out of this beef and veggie stir-fry.

And, if he keeps it up, I’ll consider upgrading his music subscription to the commercial-free version. I don’t want Bernie Sanders cramping my kiddo’s style.

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