Hawaiian BBQ pork sandwiches

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Posted: Friday, May 17, 2019 6:31 am

We always think of summer as being a relatively slow time in the newspaper world. There aren’t concerts or other school-based events to cover, sporting events are minimal and the city basically shutters up on weekends as people head to the lakes.

Apparently the upcoming summer didn’t get the memo.

My parents stopped by last weekend to talk about a project my mom and kiddo have been working on: converting my 9-year-old’s playroom into a gaming room/office. Yes, my baby has traded in his action figures and Legos for his computer, where he plays and chats daily with his closest online pals, Crazy, Jo-Jo and Bryson. (Bryson clearly needs a nickname.)

My kiddo has been camped on my dining room table for about a year and a half, but he’s anxious to move upstairs because my dining room just doesn’t have the correct feng shui for a serious gamer.

Also, it’s tough to have a conversation or watch a movie over his commotion, and we haven’t had a meal at the dining room table in a year and a half.

The kiddo recently cleaned out his playroom and is anxious to get going with the office setup, starting with his new desk, courtesy of Grandma.

And so we sat last weekend, checking calendars and syncing schedules in an attempt to find time to assemble said desk.

“Maybe Memorial Day?” I asked. “Otherwise, we’re looking at … Fourth of July?”

We’re assembling a desk here, not negotiating for world peace, but apparently both are equally difficult to schedule.

It’s times like these that I adore my trusty slow cooker. As we were chatting about schedules with my parents, I was tossing in the ingredients for these sweet and smoky sandwiches – which get some tropical flavor from the sweet and sour sauce combined with the barbecue sauce.

I love these sandwiches because you can use virtually any cut of pork– shoulder, loin, chops, etc. (I grabbed country-style ribs because they were on sale.) And you can easily scale it up for a bigger crowd.

But I mostly like it because it’s a dump-and-go recipe, so the slow cooker does all the hard work for me.

If only I could program it to assemble furniture.

Notes: We like our sandwiches plain, but try them topped with coleslaw or sliced pineapple. The leftovers also are great piled atop a salad with diced pineapple and chopped macadamia nuts.

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