Creole BBQ meatballs

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Posted: Friday, December 27, 2019 6:00 am

’Tis the season for appetizer buffets – especially if you’re among the many who will celebrate a belated Christmas this weekend due to Christmas falling midweek.

I realize things like the economy and prison reform are extremely important, but if I were ever to run for public office, my platform would be simple:

1.) All major holidays must be part of a three-day weekend.

2.) Insurance carriers would be required to include hearing aid coverage.

3.) Why do we have equally acceptable spellings of the word gray/grey? It is not a complicated word. Let’s pick one and move on.

4.) All appetizer buffets must include some form of meatball.  

I’ve rarely met an appetizer buffet I haven’t liked – unless it doesn’t fill me up – and I think every good party or celebration needs at least one kind of meatball to help round out all the crudites and Chex mix. You need a few hearty bites to make it feel like the grazing you’re doing at the appetizer buffet table actually constitutes an entire meal.

This recipe is a play on the usual BBQ meatballs – typically coated in a sauce consisting of grape jelly and chili sauce – where the sauce has just a little more BBQ flavor and there’s a kick of spice in the meat mixture to offset the sweetness of the sauce.

You can use the meatball recipe below or whatever your usual recipe is; just don’t add extra salt because you’ll get that with your Creole seasoning, which can vary widely in terms of saltiness.

We typically use Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning and we’ve learned from experience that we rarely need to add any additional salt to a recipe when we’re using that seasoning mixture. And while you can always add a pinch of salt to the sauce later, if need be, you can’t take it out of the meatballs.

Note: You can make the meatballs ahead of time and freeze them, then drop them in a saucepan or a slow cooker to heat through with the sauce.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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