Chocolate blossom cookies

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Posted: Friday, November 23, 2018 5:00 am

I like to jump right from Thanksgiving into Christmas.

Actually, I’ll stop myself because that’s not entirely true. I sometimes like to jump right from Halloween into Christmas. In fact, I’ve already been watching Christmas movies and listening to holiday tunes for several weeks. (Sorry, Thanksgiving! You’re nice, too.)

And I’ve already started my Christmas baking. First on the list is something chocolaty for my kiddo, Jack. I love chocolate, but my adoration pales in comparison to Jack’s.

I’m pretty sure my mom is to blame. When Jack was 4 months old, our doctor suggested we start feeding our insatiable little infant some actual food – starting with rice cereal to help ascertain allergies, moving on to oat cereal, and so forth. You know, baby steps for our baby.

Step 1 was a colossal fail; Jack broke out in hives after eating his rice cereal.

Enter my mom, who popped by and offered to babysit for a few hours so we could see a movie. We returned home to discover those two partners in crime giggling and smeared with chocolate pudding.

“I think he likes it!” my mom said as the hubby pulled me aside to angrily whisper, “Oh my god, tell me your mother didn’t just feed our rashy baby chocolate.”

“I DID, and he’ll be FINE,” my mom hollered from the kitchen.

She was right. Jack was fine, albeit hooked on the stuff. He quickly graduated to little bites of Hershey bar, which we’d occasionally hide under all the other food on his highchair tray, just to see if he’d notice. (He always noticed; we have video evidence of him rooting around his tray like a baby bloodhound.)

My baby is now 9 years old, and anything chocolate still is a hit with him. So we decided to start our holiday baking with these cookies, which are like our family-favorite peanut butter blossoms, but with a chocolate cookie base, instead.

Jack adored these bit-sized morsels – even more than he used to love his pudding.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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