Sweet & tangy grilled chicken

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Posted: Friday, May 8, 2020 6:14 am

Among the many new terms we’ve learned thus far this calendar year – along with coronavirus, social distancing and contact tracing – is pod. In this context, a pod is like the 2020 version of your gang, posse or peeps: basically the people you see every day and can’t help but breathe and occasionally sneeze on. You’re all essentially sharing the same germs every day so you’re allowed to allowed to socialize with your pod as much as you want to.

I’m lucky to have not only my household in my pod, but also my parents and brother. The hubby works in the same office space as my dad and brother every day. And just try and keep my mom away from her only grandbaby, pandemic or no. (Seriously, I dare you.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still suggested to my parents that they keep a safe distance. My dad’s content to retire to his wood shop and self-isolate from the rest of the world, but my mom, Gerene, is far too antsy.

And I’d be miserable without her. Along with being a phenomenal mom and grandma, she’s my best friend. And she’d do anything for her family.

She pops by on a regular basis to check on our little sub-pod and runs errands for us when she’s out doing her own. We’ve been treated to visits from Gerene’s Traveling Hair and Nail Salon regularly over the course of the past few months and, as a bonus, she tends to clean my kitchen when she’s here.

A few weeks ago she stopped in one Saturday morning because she missed her 10-year-old grandson, who was still asleep at 11:30 (not for lack of my trying to wake him).

She did what any kind, loving grandma would do: She ran into my kiddo’s bedroom and belly-flopped onto him on the bed.

“Wow, Grandma,” my kiddo mumbled into his pillow, barely stirring. “You’re, like, REALLY good at this social distancing thing.”

“I just can’t stay away from my babycakes,” she said, smothering him with kisses as he scooted more deeply under his covers.

And we honestly wouldn’t want her to. We’re doing our best to keep our little pod fairly isolated and healthy, so we can continue to get together to watch movies, have family meals (grilled chicken recipes like this one are Mom’s favorite) and attempt to keep each other sane.

Because more than anything, my mom is my emotional support – now and always. She understands me in a way no one else can.

We’re two peas in a pod.  

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