Cheesesteak bread

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Posted: Friday, November 1, 2019 6:00 am

The hubby and I spent the better part of October in different cities.

No, we weren’t taking a break from each other – or at least I wasn’t – but with the Banner covering sports for two schools, along with a full slate of meetings and events, the hubby has been coming and going a lot.

To add to the fun, he had two newspaper conferences in Bismarck, while I had two conferences for my day job.

It was so crazy that one Wednesday evening I returned home after three days on the road, unpacked and went to bed. The next morning I was gearing up to walk the dogs at 6 a.m. when the hubby walked in the door after a long night at the Banner office. (And he was back at work before 9 a.m. that day.)

We’re always busy, but October was an anomaly because we’re not often a conference-going peoples.

But we made it through the month with a lot of patience, a lot of flexibility and probably a little too much Burger King and Subway.

I still cooked, although they were more snack-type meals that could be prepared quickly and in individual-sized servings.

This cheesesteak bread is kind of like an open-faced sandwich that can be served either as a light (but very filling) entrée, or cut into smaller pieces as an appetizer.

And, because the meat and veggies are cooked before the bread goes in the oven, you can prepare that mixture and tuck it in the fridge to whip up whatever sized serving of bread you’d like when you need it.

You do want to use a very tender cut of meat, such as ribeye or skirt steak, or the meat will get too chewy. (And the hubby wants to try this sometime with leftover smoked brisket, which would be amazing.)

As always, personalize the recipe to your preferences. I love peppers and onions but wasn’t as big a fan of the mushrooms, whereas the hubby liked his bread heavier on mushrooms and lighter on onions.

And although I abhor mayo, a light layer is necessary to help keep the bread moist. (The hubby slathered a thick layer all over his piece of bread.)

Any way – or time of day – you slice it, it’s a satisfying meal or snack.  

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