Pepperoni bacon cheeseburgers

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Posted: Friday, May 24, 2019 6:35 am

Contrary to the name, these amazing grilled burgers don’t actually include any bacon.

It’s not because we’re opposed to bacon in any way. We’re huge fans of bacon in our house.

But when I had this idea in my head to make pizza burgers, I wanted something versatile in case the kiddo balked.

My 9-year-old is a little weird about his burgers.

Basically, burgers can be plain, with ketchup on the side, with ketchup on top, with cheese or with cheese and ketchup – depending on the source of the burger (home, Burger King, McDonalds, etc.).

It’s a lot to keep track of.

So instead of making my usual pizza burgers with the pepperoni mixed into the hamburger, we created assembly-line pizza burgers. Because once or twice a year, I just want to make a meal that actually pleases everyone in my house.

The hubby grilled our burgers like usual and topped them with slices of smoked provolone (except the kiddo’s; he doesn’t eat cheeseburgers at home).

Meanwhile, I fried pepperoni slices until they were slightly browned and crispy, to give crunch and texture to the burgers.

When I convinced my kiddo to try a piece, his eyes lit up. “Mmm ... I feel the spice of pepperoni in the back of my mouth, but on my tongue, it feels and tastes like bacon. It’s like pepperoni-flavored bacon.” (We watch a lot of Food Network around here.)

We all topped our various burgers with crispy pepperoni-flavored bacon. The kiddo had his with a side of ketchup. The hubby slathered his with pizza sauce and I served the sauce on the side so my buns didn’t get soggy.

(If only I had a way to prevent my buns from getting saggy. Sigh.)

How do I know the burgers were a hit?

“This. Burger. Is. Fantastic,” the hubby said partway through his first sandwich. The kiddo’s burger disappeared long before the Doritos he had on the side, and it’s usually the other way around.

And me? I joined the hubby in the living room for a couch picnic. I was a few bites in on my burger when the cat hopped up next to me, used her paw to bat the bun off the top of my sandwich and started eating my food. (You know how cats love pizza burgers.) I ended up splitting the rest between the cat and our two dogs.

So if my goal was to make a meal that absolutely everyone in the house enjoyed, well, mission accomplished.

For the recipe, see the Banner's online or print edition.

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