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Friday 06/14/2019
Meat and potato kabobs

The kiddo and I spent last weekend in Duluth, Minn. with my parents for a mini getaway and a chance to spend some quality time together – all three generations of us. I readily agreed to the trip, with one caveat: I got to pick the restaurants.

Posted: June 14, 2019
Thursday 06/06/2019
Taco pasta salad

I love a good cookout – especially when it’s a potluck – and with Hillsboro Days, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July on the horizon, we’re definitely gearing up toward the prime time to pull out your best summer salads.

Posted: June 06, 2019
Thursday 05/30/2019
Three-ingredient brownies

Editor’s note: Jack Short is the son of Banner publishers Cole and Alyssa Short. He recently finished third grade at Hillsboro Elementary School.

Posted: May 30, 2019
Friday 05/24/2019
Pepperoni bacon cheeseburgers

Contrary to the name, these amazing grilled burgers don’t actually include any bacon.

Posted: May 24, 2019
Friday 05/17/2019
Hawaiian BBQ pork sandwiches

We always think of summer as being a relatively slow time in the newspaper world. There aren’t concerts or other school-based events to cover, sporting events are minimal and the city basically shutters up on weekends as people head to the lakes.

Posted: May 17, 2019
Friday 05/10/2019
Cinnamon-chocolate chip coffee cake

Let me start off this week by stating that this is NOT a Mother’s Day column.

Posted: May 10, 2019
Friday 05/03/2019
Ultimate meat & potato burritos

We love Tex-Mex food in our house and make it a point to have some type of tacos or fajitas (or both!) at least once a week. They’re easy to make, the leftovers are handy and it’s one of the few foods we can all – even my 9-year-old – agree on.

Posted: May 03, 2019
Friday 04/26/2019
Korean fried chicken

The hubby and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary this weekend, and even though we’re old hands at this marriage business by now, it’s still a continuous learning process for us both.

Posted: April 26, 2019
Friday 04/19/2019
Breakfast enchiladas

I received two rather shocking rebukes this week.

Updated: April 19, 2019 - 8:18 am

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